Global Archi International Market Management



A new market approach


Founded in 2011, Global Archi develops the business of architectural and engineering firms abroad.

Today, we represent a portfolio of very qualitative practices able to bring an experience of specialist for every kind of construction.

Regardless of the target area, we enable our clients to manage more effectively the various project opportunities in the world and to control its costs.

Our team develops its skills on different types of public and private procedures. The mastery of the different markets, its codes (ex: HOAI, loi MOP, OAI,…)  and key actors becomes a global expertise, which combining with the mastery of many languages, provides to any company the best solution to build overseas.

Our approach is based on the best knowledge of the different actors of the world construction market. It enables us to link the right project with the right partners.

The office, made up of specialists in market analysiscall for tenders and competition management, is aligned with the dynamics of development based on intercultural exchange and fine architectural approaches.



In our missions…


– Market Intelligence (public and private projects)

– Analysis and selection of projects (process, requirements of the project, expected competencies, etc.)

– Development of contacts with contracting authorities and keys actors of the construction market

– Use of an international information database that describes each contracting authority and their Client selection criteria

– Gatering of a suitable project team (associated architect, Construction Company, engineers, specialists, etc.)

– Application documents in the required language:  administrative documents, cover letter, information & illustrations about the company and its references, etc.

– Systematic review of the applications which have not been selected.

– Presentation of the team’s skills, fee’s offer, team’s organisation and working methods (methodology)

– Assistance in the sharing out of fees and repartition of tasks with the associated architect

– Assistance of the client in the repartition of tasks and fees with all the partners, coordination of the different members of the team during the competition, organisation of workshops

– Contractual support or other specific services

– Translation of additional documents during the tender

– Recruiting of multilingual architects able to provide assistance during a competition, or to work on a won project

– Assistance in the acquisition of companies

– Assistance in the creation of subsidiaries