Created in 2011, Global Archi provides expert services to enable architecture and engineering practices to improve their development abroad and to control its cost.


Our team of specialists in market analysis and tenders management, engages in a proactive business development, and intercultural exchanges of quality.
Today our design teams prequalify more than 1 time out of 3 submissions, because we link the right project with the right team at the right time.


Experience of the key players and decision makers

Knowledge of the different types of public or private tenders, and design contracts with specificities to each country (ex: HOAI, loi MOP, OAI,…)

Know-how in commercial strategy and communication in the different sectors

Mastery of foreign languages


Market watch

Identification, analysis and selection of projects

Development of contacts with contracting authorities and key actors of the construction market

Development of a a database that describes each contracting authority and their selection criteria

Selection of suitable project partners (associated architect, engineers, specialists, construction company, developer, etc.)

Coordination and production of submission documents (incl. translations, administrative documents, cover letter, presentation & illustrations of the team and its references, etc.)

Systematic review of unsuccessful applications and tenders

Presentation of the team’s skills, organization and working methods

Coordination of an team of architects and engineers (administrative coordination, split of assignments and fees during the competition, joint venture agreement, contract analysis, etc.)

Competition assistance (summary of the program, communication with the client, translations, etc.)

Recruiting of multilingual architects able to provide assistance during a competition, or to work on a won project